The three light modes of the Glow Collar, steady, fast flash and slow flash
Blue Glow Collar Features
USB rechargeable glow collar with 10 hours of use.
zoomed in picture of the Glow Collar showing quality
Glow Collar™ LED Dog Collar
Glow Collar™ LED Dog Collar
Glow Collar™ LED Dog Collar
Glow Collar™ LED Dog Collar
Glow Collar™ LED Dog Collar
Glow Collar™ LED Dog Collar
Glow Collar USB charging port
Glow Collar™ LED Dog Collar
Glow Collar brand packaging
Glow Collar™ LED Dog Collar

Glow Collar™ LED Dog Collar

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Measuring your dog's neck circumference is important to find the right collar size. Use a soft measuring tape to measure just below their ears and refer to our size guide to select the appropriate collar size for your pup.

Length 11" - 15.7"
15" - 19.7"
19" - 23.6"
Afghan 16-22" M/L
American Stafford Terrier 18-24" L
Alaskan Malamute 18-24" L

American Bulldog

18-24" L
American Eskimo 16-20" M
American Eskimo, Mini 13-16" S
American Stafford Terrier 14-20" M/L
Australian Cattle Dog 22-28" L
Australian Kelpie 15-21" M/L
Australian Shepherd 16-22" M/L
Australian Shepherd, Mini 10-14" S
Basenji 10-14" S
Basset Hound 16-22" M/L
Beagle 12-18" S/M
Bedlington Terrier 14-18" S/M
Belgian Malinois 16-20" M/L
Bernese Mountain Dog 20-26" L
Bichon Frise 10-16" S
Black And Tan Coonhound 19-23" L
Bloodhound 22-28" L
Blue Heeler 22-28" L
Border Collie 14-18" M
Border Terrier 11-14" S
Boston Terrier 12-18" S/M
Bouvier Des Flandres 22-26" M
Boxer 16-22" L
Brittany 14-16" S/M
Bull Terrier 12-18" L
Bull Terrier, Mini 14-18" L
Bullmastiff 26-28" S
Cairn Terrier 10-16" S
Cane Corso 22-30" S
Caucasian Shepherd 22-26" L
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 10-14" XS/S
Chihuahua 8-14" XS/S
Chinese Crested 8-11" S/M
Chow 18-24" S
Cocker Spaniel 12-18" M
Collie 18-22" M
Corgi 14-16" M/L
Daschund, Mini 8-14" XS/S
Daschund, Standard 16-20" M
Dalmation 14-20" M
Doberman 16-22" M/L
Dogo Argentino 20-26" L
Dogue De Bordeaux 20-26" L
English Bulldog 18-24" L
English Mastiff 28-38" XL (Special Order)
English Setter 18-24" L
Fox Terrier 10-16" S/M
French Bulldog 12-18" S/M
German Shepherd 18-24" L
German Shorthair Pointer 20-26" L
Golden Retriever 16-24" M/L
Goldendoodle, Mini 12-16" S
Goldendoodle, Standard 16-22" M/L
Great Dane 20-26" L
Great Pyreness 24-30" XL (Special Order)
Greyhound 14-18" M
Havanese 8-14" S
Irish Settler 16-22" M/L
Irish Terrier  16-20" M
Irish Wolfhound 20-27" L
Italian Greyhound 8-11" XS
Jack Russel Terrier 10-14" S
Keeshond 18-24" L
King Charles Cavalier 10-14" S
Labradoodle, Miniature 12-16" S
Labradoodle, Standard 14-20" M
Labrador 18-24" L
Lhasa Apso 12-16" S/M
Louisiana Catahoula Leopard 16-21" M/L
Lurcher 13-20" S/M
Maltese 10-14" S
Maltipoo 8-14" XS/S
Newfoundland 26-32" XL (Special Order)
Norwegian Elkhound 18-22" L
Old English Sheepdog 18-24" L
Papillon 8-12" XS
Pekingese 12-16" S
Pinscher, Mini 8-11" XS
Pit Bull 14-20" M/L
Pomeranian 10-14" S
Poodle, Mini 10-16" S/M
Poodle, Standard 12-18" S/M
Poodle, Toy 8-14" S
Portuguese Water Dog 15-20" M/L
Pug 12-16" S/M
Puggle 12-18" S/M
Rat Terrier 13-16" S
Rhodesian Ridgeback 20-23" L
Rottweiler 24-30" XL (Special Order)
Saluki 13-18" S/M
Schipperke 10-14" S
Schnauzer, Giant 20-26" L
Schnauzer, Mini 10-16" S/M
Schnauzer, Standard 14-20" M
Scottish Terrier 16-20" M
Shar Pei 16-20" M
Shetland Sheep Dog (Sheltie) 11-18" S/M
Shiba Inu 14-17" S/M
Shichon 10-16" S
Shih Tzu 10-14" S
Siberian Husky 16-22" M/L
Silky Terrier 10-14" S
Springer Spaniel 14-18" M
St. Bernard 26-32" XL (Special Order)
Swiss Shepherd 18-24" L
Vizsla 15-22" M/L
Weimaraner 16-22" M/L
West Highland Terrier (Westie) 14-16" S/M
Wheaten Terrier 18-22" M/L
Whippet 13-15" S/M
Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) 6-12" XS
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✔️Keeps your pup's visibility at night or low-level light conditions

✔️Choose from 4 colors and four sizes (size chart)

✔️Made of durable, high-quality materials

✔️LED lights are durable and long-lasting

✔️USB Fast Charge - Battery lasts up to 8-10 hours on one charge

✔️Included USB cable plugs directly into any standard charging port

✔️Designed with your pup's comfort and safety in mind

✔️Award-winning quality surpasses other brands on the market

✔️Shop with Confidence: 30-day money-back guarantee

Illuminate the Night with Confidence

Walking your canine companion during the nighttime or in low-light conditions can be a stressful experience. With poor visibility, your pet is at risk of accidents on the road and other potential dangers. That's why the Glow Collar™ LED Dog Collar is such a lifesaver. With its bright, rechargeable LED lights, your pet will be visible from a distance, giving you peace of mind during walks, camping trips, or runs in the park.

Enjoy Extended Battery Endurance

Our collars come equipped with a charging cable for your convenience and peace of mind. The high-density lithium battery provides up to 10 hours of continuous use, and fast charging capabilities ensure you can quickly get back to your adventures.

Discover the Magic of Our Glow Collar™ Technology

-Tri-Glide Slide Buckle

-Strong D-Ring

-Superior Quality Buckle

-Reflective Strips

-Rechargeable Design

-Breathable Light Strip